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About Us

Timeless, Inspire, Mindful, Bespoke, Elaborate, Resilient 
Commissioned, Reliable, Artisan, Finest, Timber 

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Each TimberCraft project is tailored to the bespoke needs of our client. We carefully consider all elements to ensure that we achieve the specific milestones that are required to achieve project delivery.

Client Brief | Specification & Design | Procurement | Management & Programming | Production | Fitting | Aftercare


Our in house project management team knit all the details together to deliver a seamless personal service from concept to completion, at all times ensuring our core values are met.

Service - Deliver our clients vision.

Creativity - Think outside the box.

Quality - What we do, we do well.


TimberCraft have been awarded accreditation to the requirements of the CDM Regulations 2015. We have full compliance with 6 additional modules of PAS91.

Health & Safety | Environmental & Sustainability | Quality Management | Finance & Business Standing 

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