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GDPR Privacy Notice

At Timbercraft Interiors Ltd we use modern methods to store and process your data in order to carry out our services to you, such as quoting, processing, delivering your orders and analysing our website traffic. 

We value your business and are deeply committed to looking after your personal and business data. In this privacy notice, we describe where and what types of information we collect, how we keep it safe, how you can request to see the information we hold about you, how you can update this data and how you can make a request to delete this data.

Your personal data includes information such as your name, your email address, postal address and IP address. 

In essence, Timbercraft Interiors Ltd only collects personally identifiable information that you provide to us, and is only used for the purposes that you provide it to us for. For example, if you give us your email address to send you an estimate, we'll only use it to send you that quote, we won't then use your email address to send you promotional emails, unless you are part of our subscription service.

All information we hold is kept securely, be it electronically or physically.


There are two reasons Timbercraft Interiors Ltd collects and processes data:

  • When you ask for a written estimate: We will ask for your name and email address so we can send you the estimate, your telephone number in case we have any further questions or your email address bounces back and your postcode so we can work out delivery costs.

  • When you place an order: in addition to the information above, we also ask for your billing and delivery addresses in order to know where to deliver to. 


We cover this in more detail below.

Types of Data We Might Collect and How we Collect It

Website Cookies

A cookie is simply a small piece of information that your computer saves when it visits a website. 

Timbercraft Interiors Ltd uses cookies in the following ways:

  • To collect anonymous statistical information about the number of visits to our website (see below)


PLEASE NOTE: A cookie in no way gives us access to your computer or any personal information about you, other than the data you choose to share with us. 

Overall, without cookies many websites, including & simply wouldn't work properly. They are essential to the modern Internet. 


Google Analytics

Our website collects anonymised (ie not personally identifiable) usage information to give us insights such as how many visitors our website receives, how long users spend on a page and how they got there. 

We only use this information for statistical analysis purposes and there is no tie back to any personally identifiable details.

Website Contact Form

The Timbercraft Interiors Ltd website also has a contact form. Any information submitted to this is sent to Timbercraft Interiors Ltd Web Host in the form of an email, and is only accessible by the Directors / Shareholders. Any personally identifiable information you submit in here will only be used to fulfil your request, ie to give you a quote or give you a call.

Email Correspondence

Timbercraft Interiors Ltd will only use your information for the reason we tell you we're going to use it. For example, if you give us your name and email address for the express purpose of sending you a quote, we will only use it to send you that quote, we will not then start sending you offers to that email address.

If the email address was written down physically on a notepad at Timbercraft Interiors Ltd or by one of its representatives, it will be destroyed once its purpose has been fulfilled.

Your name and email address will stay in the Timbercraft Interiors Ltd representative's email 'sent items' for future reference, unless you contact us with a data removal request (see below). Similarly, your name and email address may be present.

Order Processing & Payment

When you place an order with Timbercraft Interiors Ltd, the personal details associated with your order, such as name, email address, telephone number, billing and delivery addresses will be used by us during processing and delivery.

Processing your order sees your data entered into our secure server and shared with our external accountant for invoicing purposes. At all times, your information is only used for the purpose of processing your order.

When a payment is due, an Invoice will be sent by us to you, and we normally request this is settled by bank transfer. Your details will again only be used and stored for reference to this order.

In some scenarios, we may perform a credit check using platforms such as Experian, and any details used will be solely for this purpose.

Delivery Companies

When Timbercraft Interiors Ltd delivers your order, your name, address and contact details may be printed onto two delivery notes. If this is required for your situation, you would keep one on delivery, and the other is returned to us for confirmation of delivery with your signature, and securely stored on our servers. 

Third Parties

Aside from delivery companies that require your information to deliver your order, our external accountant and web hosts, Timbercraft Interiors Ltd does not share or sell your personal information to any other third parties. In some cases our website host provider may retain your IP address for example, for the analytical reasons described above.

Access Your Personal Information

The General Data Protection Regulations allow individuals to perform a Subject Access Request. Should you need to do this, please send your request by email to

Timbercraft Interiors Ltd has 30 days to respond to a legitimate Subject Access Request.

Updating Your Personal Information

Should you wish to update any of the information we hold on you, such as if you move house and need to update your billing or delivery address, or change your telephone number, send an email to detailing who you are, how we can identify you in the data we hold and which data you would like updating.


Deleting Your Personal Information and the Right to be Forgotten

The General Data Protection Regulations give individuals the right to make a request to have their personal data erased from our systems. Under the GDPR rules, we have 30 days to provide the data to a legitimate erasure request.

Please note we can't comply if the data is still necessary for the purpose in which you gave consent, such as to process an outstanding order. Should you need to do this, please send your request by email to


Changes To This Privacy Notice

This privacy policy was last updated on 03/12/2020 for the GDPR regulations. We encourage you to periodically review this privacy notice to be informed of how Timbercraft Interiors Ltd is protecting your information. We may update this notice at any time.

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